Bad Wine

BAD WINE is an acoustic duo born in 2007, between Massimo Beretta (guitar and vocals) and Cristian Marin (guitar).

Their choice is to play a repertoire based on the re-interpretation of pieces of international pop rock music, compositions by Jimi Hendrix, Beatles, Who, Sting, Police, Joni Mitchell, etc. in addition to traditional blues and soul, without forgetting the revival of some jazz standards and a ion of Italian songs.

Not a simple cover project, but a great work of rearrangement that makes the songs played very pleasant, sometimes giving them a new and unexpected look.

The collaboration evolved in 2012 with the JEFFERSON CLEANERS, a new electrical project with the help of Checco Onidi (electric bass) and Roberto Ragazzo (drums). Vintage rock, rich in blues and funky contaminations, characterizes their repertoire.

With the acoustic formation Bad Wine, with Jefferson Cleaners and many other acoustic "side projects", the live activity of Massimo and Cristian is very intense in Northern Italy and in neighboring Switzerland.

The choice to obtain an excellent sound quality combined with a great versatility makes sure that always privilege the use of SR TECHNOLOGY and SCHERTLER products, specifically: STL 400, STL 250, Club 150 / A and the Jam 150

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