Anita Camarella & Davide Facchini Duo

Over the last 15 years the Duo formed by the evocative voice of Anita Camarella and eclectic fingerstyle guitar Davide Facchini has been committed to researching, analysing and working-out songs from the “Italian Swing era” of the ‘30s and ‘40s: unforgettable lyrics and music telling of typical Italian life-experiences and anecdotes of that time.

This talented couple can already look back on many years of international concerts, including prestigious festivals and exhibitions in Italy, Europe,United States and Russia. Their CD “La famiglia canterina” was honored with the “LadyLake Indie Music Awards” Best Album 2013 USA.

They have performed in some of the most renowned concert halls, alongside some of the most famous artists on the international musical scene like Tommy Emmanuel, Stephen Bennett, Muriel Anderson, Frank Vignola, Carl Verheyen, Paul Franklin, and many others. Radio Stations of United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, Tunisia, Portugal, France, Hungary, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Switzerland and Italy have broadcasted their music.

Anita Camarella uses the RESO-COIL on her Autoharp
Davide Facchini usues the DYN-G-P48  on his Guitar