Wasska Project

Wasska Project is an ensemble from the East Bay, California that fuses classical guitar with Latin rhythms. The members are four multicultural musicians from Chile and Perú: Javier Trujillo, classical guitar and effects; Mariela Herrera, singer/ percussion and dancer; Miguel Angel Becerra, Cajon; and Pedro Rosales, Cajon. As an ensemble they have performed in different venues, festivals, concerts, and private events around California.
Wasska Project mixes the traditional with the contemporary using different guitar effects as a resource to create the colors and dynamics of their music. Using the guitar to call the cajon, and then using voice to top the melodies, they bring an alternative journey of concepts and visions of an intimate Latin world. Wasska Project uses two Jam150 that complete the circle to a perfect harmony.

"As acoustic musicians we have been always in the search of a clean, round, strong sound for our music, and on that search we were lucky enough to find the Jam150.
This well balance and powerful sound system gives the musician a chance to forget about gear issues and just focus on the Music.
We cant be happier with our gear since we use two Jam150 always in our concerts, and it always responded to all the acoustic challenges in every different venue.
Thanks so much Schertler!!"