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2017 Resolution Awards Nomination for our ARTHUR modular mixer. Vote now!

In this special issue of The Diary, we’re delighted to announce that ARTHUR has been nominated in the Analogue Mixer category of the 2017 Resolution Awards. If you are a registered reader of Resolution Magazine, and if you like Arthur, you can cast your vote for our modular mixer. 

How to vote for ARTHUR

Visit, and click on the “My Subscription” menu item. Enter the Subscription Type, your Reader Code and Post Code and log in. (Contact with your name and address if you don’t have your Reader Code.) After a successful log-in, the My Subscription Details page is reached. Click on the “Resolution Awards 2017” menu item to access the voting form. You can only use this voting form once, so don’t forget to choose all your winners in the various categories before submitting it. Voting closes at the end of September.



Mandolin Cafe Winner

Last monthSchertler Group and Mandolin Cafe combined efforts to give away a DYN-M-P48 pickup for Mandolin in a special draw. The lucky winner, Jeff P in Washington State, has now posted the spoils of his winning entry! Enjoy your Schertler pickup Jeff.

Wood Road Festival China


Schertler and Innovox at the Wood Road Acoustic Guitar Festival, China

The Wood Road Acoustic Guitar Festival is an annual event, featuring workshops and competitions that attract talented players from all over China. This year, several performers used Schertler products, including the YELLOW Blender, the JAM 100 amplifier and the Magnetico AG6 pickup, which was showcased by Zhongpin Yu, a postgraduate student from the Wuham Conservatory of Music. The three 2017 competition winners - Simon Liu, Chia-Hsin Chou and Jianyao Xing - were each presented with a prize of an M-AG6 and a certificate.

The M-AG6 pickup for acoustic guitar uniquely combines high-end Schertler electronics with active multiple coil technology to deliver fast transient behaviour, flat frequency response and a full rich sound across the entire range of the instrument. Designed to fit inside the acoustic guitar’s sound hole, it is equipped with volume control and external input (also with separate volume control) for connecting a second pickup. Sound from both pickups can be blended to create exactly the right effect for each individual performance or recording.

Schertler MI China distribution: Innovox Distribution Co., Ltd 

Perc Fest


Schertler at PERCFEST

A range of Schertler products, including the TIM and TOM portable PA systems, the new TEDDY stage monitor, and the LAFARO double bass amplifier, featured at the recent Percfest 2017 in Laigueglia, Italy. The four-day jazz and percussion festival, now in its 22nd year, included performances from a variety of artists and a tribute to jazz legend Ella Fitzgerald, celebrating the centenary of her birth.

Delighted with the sound reinforcement results, festival directors Rosario Bonaccorso and Angelo Albani had the following to say:

“The Schertler products proved to be extremely versatile and reliable during the seminars and workshops held as part of our Percfest jazz festival, as well as being of fundamental importance for their impeccable sound quality and their appearance, both of which have been taken care of right down to the finest detail. 
This year, we really liked the new TIM and TOM PA systems: The former is a 600 W gem, which can provide sufficient sound coverage for a packed audience of attentive listeners. The latter is a larger 1000 W gem, which can effectively compete with the sound levels produced by a rock band to transmit a clean, clear sound to the audience. Last but not least, appreciation goes to the new TEDDY monitor which, with its mix of lightness, robustness, power, equalisation possibilities and design, not only looks good, but can also satisfy the most demanding of musicians. The LAFARO double bass amplifier is impressive due to the neutral quality of its sound reproduction which, in turn, allows the natural sound of the instrument itself to be fully appreciated. 
Our heartfelt thanks to the whole Schertler team who helped all the musicians achieve their very best!”

Rosario Bonaccorso - Bassist, composer and Artistic Director of the Percfest Jazz Festival since 1996 Angelo Albani  - Stage Director at Percfest since 2000

Harold laRue Arthur


ARTHUR saves the day during “Living Room” tracking session

A seemingly quick and easy guitar / vocal tracking session provided sound engineer Harold LaRue with something of a challenge as the session unexpectedly expanded. With LaRue’s recording gear packed ready for a household relocation, he quickly called on his ARTHUR modular mixer to save the day. La Rue explains:

“Originally slated as a quick, acoustic guitar and vocal tracking session in a living room, it quickly expanded to include a cellist, additional keyboard parts, with several accompanying partners and family members trickling in...all at the last minute. I'd originally agreed to do the session because it would be quick and easy: one artist, a couple of microphones into Pro Tools, no headphones or associated headphone mixes necessary...easy! Wrong.

Since all of my recording gear was in boxes, prepped for the move to California, the ONLY way that I could accommodate the additional session requirements was to unbox the versatile Arthur mixer, which had nearly everything that I needed: excellent mic and instrument preamps with direct outs, a headphone jack, auxiliary sends and returns for reverb in headphone mixes, and more. Since I do not yet have the Spring reverb module, I patched in and out of a Pro Tools reverb plugin. The round-trip latency was actually helpful in creating a bit of pre-delay, heh! The Arthur performed flawlessly; its features and ease of use made the session possible and a success.Thanks again!”

Morris Hayes


Morris Hayes meets ARTHUR

In our May Diary issue, Schertler Ambassador Morris Hayes explored the live potential of ARTHUR in rehearsals and on stage at the Paisley Park Celebration 2017. He now shares his experiences on camera, with a more in-depth look at the mixer’s modularity and its integration into his keyboard rig. See and hear Morris and ARTHUR in action:



New modules for ARTHUR

Three new modules are now available for the ARTHUR mixer: Multiple In, Subgroup and Spring (reverb). Used alongside the current range of input and output modules, these offer even greater flexibility and more efficient workflow.

The new MULTIPLE IN is a Class A input module that can receive 4 line signals (or two stereo lines). Mainly intended for use with audio devices that generate a 0 dbV line signal, it is designed to enable simple routing of line signals to Arthur’s L/R Master. Although the unit has more limited features (i.e. no Gain, filters or Aux routing), it is very useful for subgroup routing: Its inputs can accommodate effect units, CD players, tape or digital recorders, preamps of any kind and electronic instruments such as keyboards and Midi devices.

The ARTHUR SUBGROUP is a high-end, CLASS-A summing amp. It functions as an additional unit for configuring a group of input modules that are to be controlled via a single pair of faders. Two Subgroup units can be directly mounted in the ARTHUR Format 48 mixer - along with a theoretically infinite number of other Subgroup units that must be cabled to either a Stereo In or Multiple In unit.

ARTHUR’s new SPRING reverb can be used both as a mixer module and as a stand-alone unit. Equipped with six springs, the unit is designed to deliver a rich reverb effect that also has a time-adjustable analogue decay. A digital delay provides a simple and efficient solution for delay lines that retard or echo the signal before being sent to the spring. When used as a stand-alone unit, the Spring can provide reverb for a signal from another mixer, or a guitar pedal, for example.

The new modules can be ordered online as part of a new mixer configuration. Current ARTHUR users can also purchase the modules separately to add to existing configurations.