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Season’s Greetings from Schertler

Welcome to our December issue of The Diary, just in time for the holidays!

And on that note, everyone at Schertler would like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and successful 2018. We’ll be back soon!



Luthiers worldwide rely on Schertler

Our experience with well known luthiers, less famous luthiers and even amateur luthiers is proving extremely valuable to us as a company. As they work with our tuners, pickups and amplifiers, it provides important feedback that helps us ensure that we can continue to develop the most appropriate products for the market. So we would like to thank all the luthiers who work with us, helping to grow our brand and making their beautiful guitars richer with our Schertler gear. 
Here are some of the individual luthiers and companies that we work with …  


Aldo Illotta

ALDO ILLOTA is one of the most prestigious Italian luthiers of today. About Schertler he says: " My cooperation with Schertler has lasted for many years. They always impressed me with all the innovative products that have helped me to make my guitars sound great even when amplified. With their pickups, the sound of the guitar remains unchanged and very natural... for both nylon and steel string guitars. For one of my last guitars that I built for Bebo Ferra, I managed to create a perfect synergy between my lutherie, Bebo’s playing style with his researched sound and the Schertler products. I used a Lydia Vol and an M-AG6 with the S-MIC -M to amplify this guitar." 

More about Aldo on Facebook @AldoIllotta.Liutaio 

Sanden Guitars

SANDEN GUITARS are a Swedish guitar company. Michael Sanden says: “I started Sanden Guitars in 1982 and have, from the start, always wanted the best for my guitars and for my customers. Through the years I have built all kinds of stringed instruments, but mostly steel stringed guitars. Whether it is my more affordable Roots series or my custom guitars, I always try to make my best. When Schertler approached me about using their tuners, I saw an opportunity to ”step up” even more in quality and precision. I have now used the tuners for about four years and both me and my customers love them. I also think they fit very well in style with my guitar designs. I use the all-black tuners for my Roots series and they blend right in with the design. For the Custom series I use the gold tuners with ebony buttons to give them a classy look and feel. I also give guitar building classes twice a year and to be able to offer Schertler tuners to the students is just the best.” 
More about Sanden Guitars: 


Auden Guitars

AUDEN GUITARS are a small group of highly skilled luthiers and craftsmen who hand build every Auden guitar using traditional methods and the very finest materials. Auden Guitars are delighted to be a UK partner of Schertler. As well as using Schertler tuning machines in their guitars, the Lydia pick up that they install in every Auden partners perfectly with the range of Schertler acoustic amplifiers. More about Auden Guitars


Geniamino Gubitosa

BENIAMINO GUBITOSA is a “local” Swiss amateur luthier. He chose to build a Schertler M-AG6, in combination with the DYN-AG6, into a guitar that was specially made for Marco Zappa, a local bandleader since the 1960s who is also a singer-songwriter, music producer, music and Italian teacher and psychologist. The guitar was made for the 50th anniversary of Zappa's stage debut. More about Beniamino’s guitar on Facebook @gubib guitars


wild custom guitars

At WILD CUSTOMS in France, they are passionate about guitars and Rock’n’Roll culture. But beyond the instruments and music, they also share a true passion for things “vintage” and collect old cars, old motorcycles, old tools, LP’s, adverts of the 50’s & 60’s, furniture… This background explains the artistic direction of the brand and the vintage spirit of WILD CUSTOMS guitars. They use Schertler tuners for their instruments. More about Wild Customs: 


gaudenzi guitars

GAUDENZI GUITARS. A young Italian brand of the finest artistry and quality. In this lutherie they build custom instruments and install Schertler tuners, Lydia and M-AG6 series pickups. 
More about Gaudenzi Guitars: 




SR productionSR_production_2_800x469.jpg


SR factory hits full production capacity as Asian market exceeds expectations

2017 has been a bumper year for the SR factory in Italy: In addition to producing the SR product range, it’s also the manufacturing facility for all Schertler amps and loudspeakers. With the factory now working at full capacity, Duilio Salvucci, SR Technology’s General Manager, reflects on a year of successful products and partnerships.

“Year-end is fast approaching and I see with great satisfaction the brilliant market response and continuous growth of SR products in the Asian markets, leading to a doubling of sales volume for a third consecutive year. 
The top performing line has proved, once again, to be our HR Series: Full-range passive loudspeaker systems specifically developed for installation applications. The series includes the HR10 (300W) and HR12 (400W) models, both of which are exclusively equipped with the highest grade Italian components. Designed to deliver an amazingly crystal clear sound, the loudspeakers are ideal for a range of permanent installation applications including KTV, club systems, AV presentations and live sound reinforcement. Italian musicality combined with Swiss precision has formed the basis of the famous "SR Sound”; deep, decisive bass complemented by a soft, crisp mid range and perfectly integrated clear “highs”. The goal for all SR products is to express more transparency and musicality in all the delicate nuances, teamed with a passion and enthusiasm for providing affordable products that don’t compromise on sound quality. 
At the moment, our main issue is facing up to growing demand: We’re striving to meet this through additional qualified staff and sufficient investment in raw materials, in line with the expectations of our customers. This all repays company efforts in product development, as well as emphasising our “inborn love for innovation.” 

My warmest appreciation and gratitude also goes to our distributors in the Asian key markets, in particular to Puch Thanh Audio in Vietnam and R.Jian in China. We still believe that business, in addition to product and marketing strategies, is down to people. A loyal, personal and mutual understanding represents a unique added value that compensates for the ups and downs of markets.  Here, we feel that we're teaming up with the right distributors and the right people: They are exactly the right partners to perform in these demanding markets, whose peculiarities require extensive knowledge and experience. Our distributors offer a level of expertise, organization and trustworthiness that is helping to establish SR products as a major player in the market.”




Some comments from our distributors:  "As a major player in high-end pro audio installations, we have found the ideal partner in SR. SR products, fully Italian made, stemming from Italian musicality and tradition combined with Swiss precision, perfectly fulfill the ever-growing expectations of our clients throughout the Vietnamese market. Backed up by unequalled marketing support, SR key products - such as the HR Series - set a standard that is now a market reference for any professional in the pro audio business.”  
Mr Pham Van Nguyen, Managing Director of Phuc Thanh Audio, Vietnam.


“My staff and I were really impressed after listening to and testing the various SR product lines. Thanks to the depth and breadth of the portfolio, combined with its top quality, we believe SR products will perfectly match our goal of fulfilling the ever-growing expectations of our clients throughout the Chinese market” 
R.JIAN Chief Executive Officer, Mr Alex Leung.



Bitam Show


Successful Spanish trade show debut for ARTHUR

At the recent BITAM Show in Madrid, our modular mixer proved very popular. Jose Afuera from Area Suena, distributor for Arthur in Spain, gave us some feedback after demoing the mixer to visitors:

“Most of our clients who visited the trade show didn’t know the ARTHUR mixer, but the feedback from all of them was very good. Although it is difficult to close sales at trade shows, we are very optimistic about future sales of this product in Spain”.  
More from the BITAM Show at: 





Team effort brings success for Schertler in Germany

Noble Guitars and Schertler have forged a unique partnership that has seen German sales double over the last few years. Bernhard Hecht explains the secret behind the success in conversation with Schertler’s Drago Dujak:

DD. After 6 years of working with Schertler, the German market is constantly growing. What do you think is the secret behind this success?   

BH. Well, firstly we have great product - but that alone is not enough. Secondly, Schertler & Noble Guitars make a great, efficient team - meaning, we are very close to the shops and consumers and our ethos is to put customer satisfaction first. People know that and count on it. The distributor should always act like this … in a way like a “department” of the manufacturer.

DD. Do you find that the distribution model has changed over the last 10 years in the Musical Instrument sector? Can you tell us what has happened?

BH. Yes, totally! Today it makes no sense for the distributor just to buy product and sell it involving a large overhead. Internet and new technology have made everything quick and efficient, so there is no need to have expensive sales reps driving around "begging” for orders. On the other hand, you have to react very quickly to your customer/shop needs, because their resources have also become smaller. Shops need to have products that sell easily for you and generate good turnover. At the same time, products that do not have such appeal remain in stock and just fill the warehouse … so in a way, the distributor is now the “shop warehouse” of today … no need for huge amounts of stock as was once the case.   

DD. From your experience, who are the German Schertler end users?

BH. These end users are very “quality oriented” and always expect to be treated to the best. Their tolerance for just being average is very low.  

DD. What is the Schertler “trend” nowadays? Have you noticed any difference in the interest shown towards particular products by end users?

BH. The “new trend” is to get complete sound systems, like TIM and TOM, to give smaller concerts with a higher degree of professionalism. People have a greater requirement for small, easy-to-carry things. You can get a Schertler system for less than 2.000 Euros, but it meets more demands than an old-fashioned studio system for 1.000 Euros. Another great “trend” I have noticed is the new ROY: It is a huge improvement on the old JAM 400. It seems that bands and musicians with high expectations were just waiting for it. The amount of success since its release has been astonishing…All this is in addition to the “standard” Schertler growth … it’s a brand that doesn’t seem to lose its attractiveness: On the contrary, over time it has become even more interesting for users. As the product portfolio grows, the customer base expands.”

GearGossip - Review of Schertler ROY 
With the German market getting excited about ROY, here’s a detailed review. Amplifier supplied by Noble Guitars:



NAMM 2018


NAMM launch for new PRIME Series

Our new ARTHUR PRIME mixers will be unveiled at NAMM 2018. Designed for smaller-scale audio applications, PRIME mixers will initially be available in fixed 5-, 9- and 13-channel configurations. Each compact, competitively-priced model offers a range of essential features for great sound quality and straightforward production.

Also making their US trade show debut are: ROY, our recently released 7-channel, 400W, top-of-the-range combo amp and TEDDY, our compact 200W professional stage monitor.

Schertler will be in Hall D, Booth 3725 (Jan. 25th - 28th 2018)
If you’re coming to NAMM, please stop by and check out our latest products.
We look forward to seeing you.