(a) All products advertised and sold by the Schertler Group companies (SR TECHNOLOGY SRL, Schertler SA, VELVET STRINGS) are legally guaranteed in accordance with Directive 1999/44 / EC as applied to individual European states. 
Within Italian legislation, European legislation is implemented pursuant to Legislative Decree 24/2002 and the subsequent Decree No. 206/2005 establishing art. 132, a legal guarantee of two years from the delivery of the goods to protect consumers, that is, a customer who buys for purposes unrelated to his/her profession or business. Professional buyers, who usually purchase with VAT, are provided for under the legal guarantees contained in Articles 1490 and following cc (one year under the conditions of the law).

(b) In the interests of the consumer, and in addition to the obligations of the legal guarantee, if a product icon states "3-year Warranty", Schertler Group companies will guarantee that product for a period of three years from the date of sale against any defects occurring during that period that are proven to originate from inadequate building techniques and / or materials.

(c) The legal guarantee on products offered and sold as “used” is one year from the date of transfer, unless a longer term has been specifically indicated.

(d) The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear on materials and components such as, but not limited to, speakers, microphone capsules and membranes, or mechanical parts that are subject to wear (rubber, switches, buttons etc …). The warranty also does not cover damage or defects caused by unauthorized repair attempts or the intrusion of foreign matter. Likewise, the warranty does not cover damage caused by or derived from carelessness, neglect, incorrect or improper use of the product (such as the use of a voltage supply other than that stated on the unit), or damage resulting from any other cause which is not related to a product defect.

(e) At the discretion of SR TECHNOLOGY SRL, genuine defects will result in free repair of the defective product, replacement of the product, or withdrawal of the disputed product and appropriate reimbursement to the customer.

(f) The products or components concerned shall then become the property of SR TECHNOLOGY SRL

(g) Claims must be made within the warranty period. Proof of purchase documentation is required and warranty service must be requested from SR TECHNOLOGY SRL via e-mail (info_it@schertlergroup.com) or fax (0039 0733 677 531). SR TECHNOLOGY SRL will then issue a return authorization (RMA) number along with instructions on how to send back the product to be repaired. It is the responsibility of the customer to return the product, with freight prepaid, within 30 days to the following address (SR TECHNOLOGY SRL - Cda Marolino, scn - 62018 Potenza Picena). The product must be properly packed to prevent damage during transportation. After appropriate action, under the terms of the warranty, the product will be returned to the customer, with the related transportation costs borne by SR TECHNOLGY SRL.

(h) For warranty repairs outside Italy, SR TECHNOLOGY SRL reserves the right to handle these via a suitably qualified business partner.

(i) Any product repairs carried out during the warranty period will not result in the original warranty period being either extended or re-started from scratch. The period will expire after the specified two years, or three years in the case of products sold with an extended 3-year warranty.

(l) The warranty is not transferable; the guarantee is valid for the original purchaser only and will expire when that customer resells the product.

(m) The warranty does not grant any rights other than the right to the elimination of defects occurring on the product as outined in the warranty conditions, thus excluding any other form of compensation or damages whatsoever.

(n) If as a result of a request for warranty service, no defect is found to exist, or the alleged defect is based on facts and circumstances that do not hold SR Technology SRL to that warranty, the customer will be required to bear any expenses occurred and to reimburse the costs of any unjustified requests.

For questions or clarification on the procedure, please contact our customer service department at the above address.