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Welcome to our website.

I’d like to take you on a journey through our company history that begins in the early 80s when, as a young man, I decided to realize my passion for electronics and music by creating the Schertler brand.

I remember those pioneering years with great fondness; the musical landscape and our idols of the time, those huge amplification systems and the technology that was available.

Many things have changed since then, but at the time we just became what we were through “making and doing”, determined by our abilities and our limitations. On a personal level, I never really studied the sophisticated techniques of marketing; I’m an engineer and a professional musician with a predilection for the bass, the piano and acoustic guitar.

Any change that occurred was always driven and powered by passion and dedication to our corporate mission - which has always been the same - to design and produce instrumental sound reinforcement with the highest levels of fidelity, through a genuine, direct and interactive relationship with musicians. The company’s current business model still conforms to these principles, combining distribution through ed partners with the opportunity of purchasing directly from our manufacturing plants in Switzerland and Italy. Visitors are always welcome and you can see how our products are developed and manufactured to the highest standards.

Whether you are new to our products, or one of our existing customers, we hope you find the information on this site useful. We also welcome your feedback so that we can continue to improve our products and services.


Stephan Schertler
President of Schertler Group 


Since its foundation in the early 1980s, Schertler SA has launched a programme of passionate research that aims to achieve the highest levels of accuracy in the reproduction of acoustic stringed instrument sound. Led by bassist and founder Stephan Schertler, the research and development company initially began to focus on producing high quality tools and innovative technology to replace the technology and imperfections of piezo pickups. Over the years, Schertler’s original approach to harnessing acoustic vibrations has resulted in a number of fundamental innovations, some of which have gained international patents, such as the STAT Series of contact microphones. 

In 2003, Schertler launched an original series of compact amplifiers – the Classic Series. Since then, the 3-channel UNICO and 2-channel DAVID have provided musicians with high quality portable solutions for stringed instrument amplification. Suited to virtually any live performance situation, these amplifiers have received unanimous feedback from users around the world, helping to build the reputation that Schertler has gained in the field of acoustic amplification.

2011 saw the launch of the Deluxe Series – soon regarded as the best available acoustic amplification systems. Even more powerful, with re-engineered CLASS-A preamplifiers and amplifiers, as well as new control functions, the Deluxe series reflects Stephan Schertler’s lifetime dedication to making the best possible systems available to musicians. This was further demonstrated in 2012 with the addition of LaFaro, the new amplifier for bass. Dedicated to one of the best bassists in jazz history, Lafaro is the culmination of years of research in the challenge to successfully amplify the sound of this complex instrument.

The range of guitar amplifiers has been extended with the JAM line, a global solution for portable, affordable sound reinforcement. Offering 100-400W of power, the series has quickly established itself as a market leader.

In 2012, Schertler acquired the company SR TECHNOLOGY in its entirety – it was previously a subsidiary - in order to expand business into other market sectors and consolidate its position as a leading player in the field of acoustic amplification. Among SR Technology’s distinctive qualities are an “inborn love for innovation” with a wide range of experiments and tests in the preliminary phases of product development, combined with the priority given to the needs and demands of its customers. Nowadays, SR directs its best resource, its highly qualified staff, to further expand and improve its production. In addition to a wide range of audio systems, SR is especially dedicated to developing and producing high quality compact speakers.

Synergies within the Schertler Group, supported by significant investment and a solid background acquired over the years, has enabled SR Technology to face the stimulating challenges of the future and continue to provide a portfolio of cutting edge products for the continually growing and changing needs of customers worldwide.

Italian musicality combined with Swiss precision has formed the basis of the famous "SR Sound”; deep, decisive bass complemented by a soft, crisp mid range and perfectly integrated clear “highs”. The goal for all SR products is to express more transparency and musicality in all the delicate nuances, teamed with a passion and enthusiasm for providing affordable products that don’t compromise on sound quality.

Schertler Group products are now a first choice for live performances, broadcast and recording sessions, and we are proud to list some of the world's major orchestras, ensembles and soloists as our ambassadors.

A history of Schertler Group companies wouldn't be complete without mentioning VELVET STRINGS.
As far back as 1991, Stephan Schertler had begun to make strings for double bass. This was initially for personal use, because he found a lack of suitable alternatives to steel strings. However, bassist friends soon began to request these strings and the VELVET customer base has steadily increased over the years.

VELVET Strings are characterised by their "soft soul", made from a special synthetic textile fibre featuring natural silk. A top string for bass is also available in sheep gut.
Some of the world's most advanced machinery enables the strings to be produced via a fully automated process. VELVET String sets are currently available for double bass and cello, with strings for violin, viola and guitar due for release shortly.