• The Schertler Group consists of the companies: Schertler SR TECHNOLOGY SRL, SCHERTLER SA andVELVET STRINGS who operate on the market since more than thirty years. All products presented are solely and entirely produced by us at our production facilities in Potenza Picena (Italy) and Mendrisio (Switzerland). Our business model is inspired by the customer satisfaction which we believe is vital to establish a direct line for the purpose of complete and accurate information about our products and services to support. For more detailed and transparent information, please refer to the "about us", "business model" and "Team".

  • All the models on this website are produced by ourselves and guaranteed by us, without having to contact other manufacturers or service centers outside. Also, being ourselves producers, we can guarantee the immediate availability of spare parts, together with the most qualified technicians for the service, in or out of warranty, the products sold on this website or in the showrooms listed in the section.

  • Certainly we will be happy to receive your positive comments about the quality of our products. The positive comments represent for us the best stimulus for our work and repay us of efforts to continue to improve our products and our services; we would be pleased to receive them on our e-mail info_it@schertlergroup.com (for European countries) and info@schertlergroup.com (for Switzerland) or even on our FB page. In parallel, will also welcome constructive criticism which helps us to improve and would appreciate you reported any dissatisfaction directly to the General Management to email management@schertlergroup.com that will addrss the appropriate checks; each claim will be duly taken into account.

  • Certainly yes; our comfortable and spacious showrooms are available for any listening test and technical insights, with the direct assistance of highly specialized staff.
    For appointments please call +39 0733 676555 (for Italy) or +41 91 6300710 (for Switzerland) or write us at the e-mail: info_it@schertlergroup.com  (for Italy) or info@schertlergroup.com  (for Switzerland)

  • Being specific questions, we have provided the "PRODUCT SPECIALIST" section through which you can interface with our engineers and product specialist for all the insights of your interest on a specific model and its capabilities.


  • No, no registration required. For maximum simplification of the procedure of purchase, for the best privacy, our website allows you to finalize your purchase without prior registration. The request for a simple email delivery is intended only to confirm the details of the purchase and to keep you informed about the status of the shipment. Registration is recommended so we can send newsletters, but is not required to buy.
    Everything is pretty simple; our website is characterized by clarity and ease of use. Using the "Add to cart", you activate the process; after which just click "Proceed" and complete the process by ing the required minimum data needed to complete the purchase and to allow us to arrange shipment.
    For any problems or concerns, please contact us at info_it@schertlergroup.com  (for Italy) and info@schertlergroup.com  (for Sizzera) or by telephone at +39 676 555 0733 (for Italy) or +41 91 6300710 (for Switzerland).

  • At the end of the purchase process you will receive an email confirmation which will be summarized all the details of the order with the notification of the shipment.

  • No. the Schertler Group companies do not ask for any minimum amount and still apply the special conditions indicated on the product page, such as free transportation for any order amounting to a minimum of 50 Euro, warranty extended to 3 years and clause "30 day money back guarantee".

  • On the product page of each product is always indicated the availability in stock that generally is immediate, since we are the manufacturers of all the proposed models. Alternatively, it is indicated a date or, in the case of finishes or customized versions, the avelibility will be confirmed by e-mail. The discontinued models that are no longer available, are systematically removed from the site or marked as discontinued.

  • certainly; if the product is listed on the site, although listed as "not available", it is still a model in current production (excluding discontinued products). Contact us and we will put in booking your order confirms these delivery times. Its the payment will be required only when the availability of the product ready for shipment.

  • Some discontinued models are removed from the site but it can happen that they are still available in minimum quantities or as ex-demo from showrooms. For this kind of requests, please contact us by phone or email and we will be happy to assist you by checking the availability of the required model or suggesting a viable alternative.

  • All prices are already inclusive of correct VAT rate.

  • Sorry but it is not possible. As we work to better the competitiveness of our products and services, our policy excludes differentiated negotiations.

  • As the producers of all the proposed models, we believe unlikely that there are lower prices than those indicated in our website and practiced in the showrooms. We can not be ruled out that this can happen for reasons beyond our control and difficult to verify, but we can still not give you a different price than that stated on this website. In addition to the assessment of the price, we would like to invite to consider the other aspects of the sale which our extended warranty of three years, the clause "30 day money back guarantee" and the technical service reserved for purchases on our website and at the authorized showrooms. For inspection, however, we will be the grateful if you would report any lower prices than those stated by us.

  • Yes. In addition to our on-line webshop, our products can be purchased at one of our authorized centers (listed in section "SHOWROOMS") or can be ordered by calling our customer service at +39 676 555 0733 from Monday to Friday during office hours 08: 00-12: 00 and 14: 00-18: 00 in Italy and +41 91 6300710 from Monday to Friday during office hours 08:00-12:30 and 13:30-17:30 in Switzerland

  • Absolutely not! In order to ensure to all customers in Europe the same prices and conditions, to customers who have purchased from us at our show rooms in Potenza Picena (Italy) or Mendrisio (Switzerland) or at other showrooms listed in the section, to which therefore it would not be a legal right to withdraw, if at the relevant purchased product website page (at  www.schertler.com) appears an appears ("30 Days money back"), you can bring us back the product within 30 days of purchase, without releasing motivation, and obtain credit in your account.

  • In response to specific customer needs, we will evaluate each case the feasibility of sale with exchange and cash adjustment provided essential that the product used is a model of our production, with the company brand SR or Schertler. In most European countries, for the sale of products permuted there are very restrictive rules regarding VAT, taxation and warranty. So before you exchange a product, We recommend you try to sell it directly; which will enable the best exploitation and monetization of its product.

  • Yes. For professionals with a VAT we have a special prices; Refer to the section "Login for B2B" for the EU and "login for B2B" for Switzerland.

  • Certainly yes! It 's always your right to request tax bill; it is enough that during the purchase process you the field "invoice is required" and the necessary data such as company name, VAT and or. fiscal code that under Italian law are essential elements of billing.

  • SR TECHNOLOGY is a company with registered office in Italy. Therefore, according to the Italian and EU law, operators with Italian VAT can buy VAT-free by sending statement of intent while operators with VAT in another EU country will always receive an invoice for VAT exemption under Article. 41, DL 331/93. In some cases we will ask you to send the certificate of assignment of VAT or the business profile for the necessary tax audits and administrative. Invoices that are issued inclusive of VAT, because no other request had been previously transmitted, can not be modified to exclude the VAT.

    Regarding Schertler Switzerland all invoices will be issued inclusive of VAT.


  • Within the EU online purchases can be paid by several credit cards, bank transfer, by postal or (only for Italy) on delivery.

    For Switzerland: The on-line purchases can be paid by several credit cards, bank transfer, by postal payment in 30 days.

  • According to the network of forwarding agents, payment on delivery is only in Italy and marked with the following restrictions and warnings:
    a) payment on delivery can only be made in cash (no checks) and for amounts not exceeding EUR 999
    b) payment on delivery add an additional burden linked to the value of the purchase with a minimum fixed charge; the total cost is displayed in the "basket" to the prior approval of the Customer

  • For purchases made in EU:
    Our Bookkeeping will check daily the crediting of payments to the bank account specified in the purchase process. Sending his part of the payment receipt will be useful to prepare the products ordered while we wait for the spedizone the actual credit the account indicated. The time bank average necessary for payment to be credited are actually 3 days.
    IMP: If you pay by bank transfer (national or international), the bank may apply commissions that vary from bank to bank and based on the amount. We encourage you to make sure with your bank that we be transferred exactly the order amount, less its bank charges, otherwise we may get paid less than the value of the order and we will not proceed with the shipment.

    For purchases made in Switzerland:
    All orders will be processed immediately after rder. The invoice will be sent with the goods.


  • "B-Stock" qualification refers to a product which we don't sell as a new "A-Stock" because might have been returned by a customer within "right of revocation" lapse of time or might come from our showrooms or might come from our production dept with slight aesthetic issues such as a small scretch or a painting flaw or in scretched original package. Even though "B-Stock" products may look like not new, they are always inspected and tested in all of functionalities by our QC dept and are covered with our "3 years warranty" and our "30 days money back" guarantee. 

    Availability of "B-Stock" is always limited, sometime to one unit only; available q.tis are sold on "first came first served basis".

    Pics of specific model available on demand.

  • "C-Stock" qualification refers to a product that might have been refurbished or repaired by qualified technician and will very likely shows significant signs of prior use. It works properly but may not come with all original accessories and original package. Generally guaranteed for a limited time. Detailed status and flaws of each "C-Stock" product offered in our website is always precisely reported. Availability of "C-Stock" is always limited, sometime to one unit only; available q.ties are sold on "first came first served basis". Pics of specific model available on demand.


  • As a special condition of the Schertler Group companies, all products are generally shipped free of charge with transport costs borne by us. Unless it is required a speedy delivery service and unless total order amount is lower than 50 Euro, transport costs will be calculated based on the weight and volume of the products displayed in the "basket" to the prior approval of the customer.

  • Shipments are usually sent by courier Bartolini, TNT and Swiss Post Office (in Switzerland) which ensure reliable and fast shipment in 1 -2 days for national shippings (which can stretch to 3-4 days for the islands and other areas of slower reachability) and 3-5 days for other European countries. The times of delivery are approximate.

  • Upon shipment, you will receive an e-mail with all the details of the shipment with the tracking number through which it can check the progress of the expedition on the portal of the courier delivery charge.

  • All the products in their original packaging with the necessary protections to safeguard the integrity of the content and are covered by insurance paid by us. In addition, all shipments of sending travel at our cost and danger.

  • Certainly yes; we will be happy if you will personally visit us and collect the order. we will be happy to show our facilities and environments where the product is developed, manufactured and serviced.