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Seasons Greetings


Season’s Greetings from Schertler

Welcome to our December issue of The Diary, just in time for the holidays!

And on that note, everyone at Schertler would like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and successful 2018. We’ll be back soon!


amazona test


Read the latest review of our ARTHUR Format 48 modular mixer by German online magazine Amazona …


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Schertler Group introduces ROY and TEDDY at Musikmesse / Prolight & Sound. 
New flagship combo and compact stage monitor added to Swiss manufacturer’s expanding portfolio

This year’s Frankfurt Musikmesse / Prolight & Sound provides a launchpad for the Schertler Group’s latest products
as ROY and TEDDY are added to the company’s regularly expanding portfolio.

ROY is Schertler’s new top-of-the-range combo amplifier for acoustic instruments. 
The 400W, 7-channel amp provides a powerful yet lightweight system that is perfect for both stage and studio. 
ROY includes 4 input channels with various mic / instrument combinations, s (as on a professional mixer), 3-band EQ and phantom power; 
an additional unbalanced instrument input channel; a stereo input channel for playback devices and an FX return / additional input channel. 
ROY has the same hi-end Class A preamp found in other Schertler amplifiers. 
Its Master section features both a digital reverb and a new digital Multi-Effect (on a separate bus), as well as DI/Line/Aux Outs and a headphone preamp.

Specially developed for theatre and concert sound applications, TEDDY is Schertler’s new 200W compact stage monitor. 
Its “low profile” design is ideal for edge-of-stage use without impeding audience views. 
TEDDY features a coaxial speaker for constant sound directivity, with a specific inclination angle that makes it ideal for both standing and seated performances. 
For more extensive stage coverage, several units can be chained together using XLR input and output connectors - all connected to the same signal path.
An intuitive control panel includes a single Sensitivity knob for adjusting the signal level from -9dB to +6dB (enabling finer regulation of the signal sent from the mixer), 
an EQ switch with two pre-shaped curves and a Ground Lift switch.

Following its 2016 release, Schertler’s ARTHUR modular mixer returns to Frankfurt with several new modules. 
ARTHUR offers both audio professionals and performing musicians a mixer that they can configure and build to suit specific recording and live sound requirements. 
Additions to the current range of input and output modules include the Multiple in (4 line channels) unit, 
a new Sub Group Class A summing amp and a Spring (reverb) Unit. 
The latter is designed for use both as an ARTHUR module and as a stand-alone reverb.

Other more established products making a return to Frankfurt include Schertler’s TIM and TOM compact portable PA systems 
and the UNICO 250W acoustic amplifier, whose 10” woofer and optimized bass reflex construction makes it ideal for a range of acoustic instruments and as a crossover amp for electric guitars.

Visit the Schertler Group in Hall 8.0, Stand H95 and in Hall 4.1, Stand A28.


spring_800 x 469 px.jpg


A sneak preview of our latest tests on the ARTHUR Format 48 Spring Reverb with digital delay. 
This unique device can either be used as an Arthur mixer module, or as a stand-alone unit. Coming soon …


chick_mixer_800 x 469 px.jpg


Here’s the ARTHUR mixer we’ve just configured and sent to Chick Corea. It's intended as his personal mixer for directly managing his stage sound. 
All his keyboards will run through the new SUBGROUP module to Front of House. 
The remaining seven channels will accommodate all the other instruments, enabling Corea to create his own monitor mix that includes the keys. 




Dear Sound Enthusiast,

Welcome to our first issue of “THE DIARY”, a periodic news roundup that informs you of Schertler’s latest activities, briefs you on new products,
invites you behind the scenes and lets you enjoy videos and musical performances from our ambassadors around the globe.

Please email us with any questions or suggestions:  Yours

sincerely, Stephan Schertler




 ARTHUR gives students a different "hands on" mixer experience.

Students attending the Academy of Contemporary Music at the University of Central Oklahoma ( in Oklahoma City recently had a rather different "hands-on" mixer experience. Under the guidance of educator and audio engineer Harold LaRue, class members were able to closely explore the individual modules that make up their new ARTHUR mixer before putting it to work in the studio. La Rue explains further: "This is my Studio Recording II class, where they learn about advanced signal flow, gain staging, fundamental tracking and mixing techniques. The students had never seen anything like the ARTHUR mixer and were intrigued. I'll be introducing two other classes to this mixer soon: my most advanced Studio Recording IV and Audio Mastering students."

LaRue also travelled with ARTHUR to the SXSW Music Festival in Austin, Texas, where he was able to introduce the modular mixer to a group of top producers and engineers. "Much interest was expressed in using [ARTHUR] for compact studio mixing applications: the ULN's Line In mode with the parametric EQ was of most interest to the mixing crowd. … Home-based, professional  production studios are, of course, becoming the norm and the Arthur mixer appeals to this type of workflow," he commented.




Mixing with ARTHUR in Panama

Sound engineer Giulio Jimenez called on Schertler's ARTHUR to mix a performance by flamenco guitarist Juanito Pascual and percussionist Tupac Mantilla at Centro Mamoni on the edge of the Panamanian jungle.

As darkness fell, ARTHUR's illuminated channel strips ensured that any necessary sound adjustments could still be easily made.





At the recent ROMA EXPO GUITARS, Croatian classical guitarist Ana Vidovic performed with a TIM compact PA and ARTHUR mixer loaned by Schertler Group.

Delighted with the results, here's what the show organiser had to say:

"Our heartfelt thanks to SCHERTLER GROUP for having made a TIM PA system and ARTHUR mixer available to the well-known artist Ana Vidovic. The sound results were nothing short of outstanding. Everyone (especially the public ) was blow away by the authentic, clean sound produced from the system as a whole. I believe that, today, there are few systems in the amplification world that can equal those of SCHERTLER, who remains a leader in the field of amplification for classical and acoustic guitar. Thank you so much!"




Frankfurt debut for ROY and TEDDY

Fresh from their Frankfurt Musikmesse debut, ROY, our new flagship acoustic amplifier and TEDDY, our new compact stage monitor enjoyed much attention from Schertler booth visitors. Both products are expected to ship at the end of May.




Nazzareno Zacconi tours with Schertler

Guitarist and Schertler Ambassador Nazzareno Zacconi recently completed an acoustic tour in Europe using three different Schertler sound systems. He talks about his experience on the road with Schertler products:

"Hello everyone, I'm Nazzareno Zacconi, I recently completed my acoustic tour around Europe with four guitars, a pedal board and three different sound systems:

• A TOM compact PA system and ARTHUR mixer (with 2 Mic Ins, 2 Yellow instrument inputs, 2 Stereo In units, a L/R Master and Aux Master) 
• A JAM amp 
• A Yellow Blender preamp

I also took along a Magnetico M-AG6 with S-MIC. This meant that I could achieve my sound in all kinds of situations and contexts. The surprising thing about these products is the way they allow you to sound check so quickly - absurdly, the time taken to achieve the sound was less than the time it took for the technician to tune the guitars! 
It's this aspect of Schertler products which is really quite extraordinary. In addition to having a unique sound and remarkable ease of use, they also have a number of other important features that become evident during live use: clean signal, reliability of direct outputs to the mixer, tolerance to various power systems, general reliability and robustness and above all, great speed in enabling the right sound to be achieved for every situation!! The Class A preamplifier always gives a great level of responsiveness during use and responds well when used with an effect, putting the musician at ease during a performance. This aspect is really important when you're playing by yourself with an acoustic guitar ! 
Another important aspect for me was the approval I got from engineers regarding the sounds I used and their positive comments about my setup. Acoustic musicians will often just present themselves with an amplified guitar, without bothering to bring a preamp, and hope that the engineer can solve any sound deficiencies. Too often they forget that the engineer cannot work miracles on a poor, characterless signal! 
For those who are used to tours with long shifts and overnight travel, a fundamental factor is being able to rely on instrumentation that can guarantee both excellent sound and reliability in a short space of time, with no compromises during sound check - even if you only arrive shortly before the concert. The three systems I brought with me on this tour always allowed me to have the ideal solution for every situation: When there was no in-house PA and resident engineer, I used the stand-alone TOM and ARTHUR system (something which I love, because playing with 1000 W dedicated to your guitar is really amazing!!). When there was a live system and an in-house engineer available, I used the JAM. The Yellow Blender is kept for shows involving air travel, where I do not want to compromise my sound through not having the other systems. (Not applicable on this tour, but it will be important for my April tour.) Here, the Yellow guarantees all the reliability that's needed for my performance. 
So having said all that, the only thing left to add is my thanks to this extraordinary company who provide so many valuable, efficient solutions for musicians and have such a wide range of possibilities to meet all needs! 
It is indeed a great joy for me to be part of this fantastic family. Thanks Schertler!!!!"




Dear Sound Enthusiast,

We are just back from the Frankfurt Musikmesse and are busily following up on orders and various requests from our customers. The interest shown in our modular ARTHUR was amazing, inspired by both its modularity and outstanding sound quality. Also, our high end, compact "TIM" and "TOM" PA systems got their little "TEDDY" - an ultra-compact wedge stage monitor. Enjoy our second Diary - more to follow.

Yours sincerely, Stephan Schertler